Shed Skin Python-to-C++ Compiler 0.0.21, Help needed

mark.dufour at mark.dufour at
Tue Jul 10 16:58:10 CEST 2007

hi mike,

> Great work.  You might want to advertise this on the main site
> (currently it states that this is impossible).

yes, thank you for reminding me.

> You've said somewhere that you didn't/don't plan on working on this
> aspect, but it is surely the "killer feature" of shed skin needed to
> for it to be able to be used as pyrex is currently (optimizing bits of
> larger projects).

no I agree it is a very useful feature :-) I was just waiting for
someone to step in and help out. when that happened I was motivated
enough to fill in the details.

> I wish I had time to help,

I know it's a bit boring, but I'm always glad to receive bug
reports :) A few hours of help looking into adding custom classes to
the extension module support, or implementing some library functions,
can be very useful too.. (I'm currently getting practically no help at

>But there is such a large gap betwixt the
>twain that such dreaming is but an excercise in fantasy (there's
>always pypy).

yes, pypy will solve all problems, including world hunger ^^

mark dufour - shed skin author

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