Python Subprocess module

Dave Sampson samper.d at
Sat Jul 21 18:53:59 CEST 2007

> You probably mean:
> Why is that not sufficient?  It will allow interaction with a called
> subprocess, in a cross-platform manner, etc.
>   - Josiah

Sorry maybe 'not sufficient' was the wrong excuse. Maybe the right
thing to say is that when I look at it I don't know if I'm supposed to
copy paste in my own module, or paste into a seprate module, or use it
in a pre-existing module. Does the liscence for the content through
ASPN even allow reuse of code. or Am I supposed to modify it?

If I use, how is it to be used?. Wher eare the exmpales and

By sufficient I mean I don't have sufficient info from the site to
implement it. And I don't have sufficient know how to implement it
base don the comments in the source code.


So if you can answer any of those questions I am open.

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