How to create a single executable of a Python program

NicolasG nicolasg at
Thu Jul 26 08:37:51 CEST 2007

> You need to tell us why you "think" you need this and perhaps we can make a
> suggestion.  Question: Have you installed ANY applications recently that
> consisted of only a single file on your hard drive?  Answer: No.  Most
> applications install many (sometimes hundreds) of files.  So what is the
> problem.  If you want a single file to distribute, look at Inno Installer.  Use
> it to make a single, setup.exe out of all the files that come out of py2exe
> along with documentation, shortcuts, etc. that a good modern application needs.
> -Larry

I "want" to create a single file for two of my very simple/small
programs. For very simple/small programs I don't need to distribute
documentation, shortcuts etc.. I just want a single file to run !
Another reason is that for another program I wrote has to do with
displaying an Image file and I want that this image file can be
visible only through my program and not exposed in the same directory
where my program is located.

Thank you all for the suggestions, I will try some methods you


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