ImportError: "No Module named xxx"

Robert Dailey rcdailey at
Fri Jul 6 23:37:53 CEST 2007

On Jul 6, 4:04 pm, Bjoern Schliessmann <usenet-
mail-0306.20.chr0n... at> wrote:
> Robert Dailey wrote:
> > The description of -m is confusing in the documentation, what does
> > it really do?
> IMHO, it's quite clear. What's unclear with this description:
> -m module-name    Searches sys.path for the named module and runs
>                   the corresponding .py file as a script.
> Regards,
> Björn
> --
> BOFH excuse #191:
> Just type 'mv * /dev/null'.

Perhaps the confusing part is their definition of "Script". I figured
any .py file was a "python script", in that it has code to execute-
making it a script.

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