wxPython vs. Tkinter event loops

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Wed Jul 11 16:49:41 CEST 2007

I'm porting a Tkinter application to wxPython and had a question about 
wxPython's event loop.

The Tkinter app provides a GUI to a command-line tool. It gathers user 
input, and opens an asynchronous pipe to the external tool via 
os.popen(). Then, it dumps the output from the external process into a 
text display. Although threads are often recommended for use with GUI 
apps,  I am able to keep the GUI responsive with Tkinter's event loop, 
i.e. with regular calls to self.update(); I am still able to update the 
GUI as needed. When I tried the same functions using threads, I noticed 
no measurable improvement in application responsiveness or performance. 
Thus, the application currently runs in a single thread and is updated 
via Tkinter's event loop only.

Does wxPython's event loop function as smoothly as Tkinter's with an 
asynchronous process, i.e. is the wx.UpdateUIEvent() class analogous to 
Tkinter.update(), or are threads absoutely essential to keeping a wx GUI 
updated with a long-running background process?
Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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