New guy question - user form

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Wed Jul 18 19:14:49 CEST 2007

meg99 schrieb:
> I am using a scheduling sw package that uses Python as its scripting
> language much like Excel uses Visual Basic.  I am fluent in VB but I
> am just beginning in Python.
> What I need to do is this:  I need to create a user form that will
> contain some predefined data (captured from the scheduling sw
> database) and some fields that the user will enter.  When the user is
> finished, he will write the data to the database via a command button
> on the form.
> I have looked at some of the tutorials and I have a couple of books
> but I don't see a user form utility like there is in VB.
> I am using version 1.5.2 (the sw I am using does not now support
> anything else).
> Can I do what I have described with what I have?

AFAIK Python 1.5 featured Tkinter, which should do what you want.

But given the embedded nature of your python, I'm not sure if that 
really works (the python interpreter could be crippled), or what that 
software of yours offers itself.


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