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Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at
Sun Jul 15 00:20:46 CEST 2007

Hello, All-

I have written a class that allows me to create and manipulate data segments
(the type one deals with when reading/writing  text files);  validating
fields, serialization, etc.  I would like to put this together as a module
and release it to the community while I expand on the features.

Is there a preferred way to do this?  I have read the docutil information
but recall hearing about Python Eggs being the new way to do such things.  I
have no intention of starting/continuing another debate (vim/emacs,
perl/python, take your pick), but would like information/help as to my next

I believe this package would be helpful to those of us dealing with text
files.  How do I go about making it available?


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