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> On Jul 4, 2:03 pm, a... at (Alex Martelli) wrote:
>> Frank Swarbrick <info... at> wrote:
>>> Why might one choose to use ActivePython instead of using the free CPython?
>> I believe ActivePython is also free, and it's packaged up differently
>> (with more 3rd party modules accompanying it than the standard Python
>> distribution), which might make it attractive to some.  Also, I believe
>> ActivePython is also available as a pre-built binary for some platforms
>> for which CPython is only distributed as sources (e.g., Solaris), and
>> again this difference may be seen as favorable by some.
>> Alex
> Well, Komodo is a nice enough IDE, so you might choose to use
> ActivePython for integration reasons, and maybe it's a little easier
> on Windows.
> However, I would have thought that if you were planning to distribute
> an application, you would want to choose CPython for maximum
> interoperability with external packages.
Not only that, but the last time I looked the ActivePython distribution 
doesn't allow redistribution at all (i.e. it's not technically open source).

> ActivePython claims to be ready to install across multiple platforms
> (as is CPython) so perhaps a little more work has gone into making a
> consistent experience across operating systems.
> I have to say, I am just guessing and would love to hear from an
> expert in the area on this topic. The ActiveState web page doesn't
> really talk about their reasons very much.
ActiveState do produce a convenient package for many purposes, and I 
have used it myself in the past, but if you want to redistribute then it 
isn't a permitted starting point.

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