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Gary Herron gherron at
Mon Jul 2 07:01:46 CEST 2007

Dustin MacDonald wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> This is my first time posting to this newsgroup, and although I
> maintain my netiquette I might've missed something specific to the
> newsgroup, so hopefully you can avoid flaming me if I have :) I
> apologize for the length of this post but I figure the more
> information the better.
> My problem is that I'm getting a syntax error in some Python code that
> looks quite simple. The original code was in Object Pascal as I'm a
> recent Delphi-turned-Python programmer.
> I took the code (which is only about 130 lines in OP) and 'translated'
> it the best I could into Python (ended up being one line shy of 80
> when I was done). I can't see any problems with the code but it's
> coming up with a bunch of errors, which I'm guessing are probably my
> assuming something is the same in Python as it is in Pascal, and being
> wrong.
> Anyway, here's the code I'm having trouble with (the same error comes
> up several times but this is the first part of the code it shows up
> in):
> [code]
> randomizing_counter = 0
> # Put the loop counter for the randomizing to zero.
> until_val = 36
> # Set the "until val" to 36. We'll compare them to make sure we're not
> at the end of our wordlist_both.
> while randomizing_counter < until_val:
> 	big_randomized_int = RandRange(0,100)
> 	# Make a random value and store it.
> 	small_randomized_int = big_randomized_int / 100
> 	# Divide that random value and store it in a different variable.
> 	small_randomized_int = Round(small_randomized_int, 2)
> 	# Round that value to 2 decimal places
> 	**weights_array(randomizing_counter) = small_randomized_int
If  weights_array is a list or dictionary then use
    weights_array[randomizing_counter] = ...
to choose which element of the list gets the assignment.

If weights_array is a function, then 
is the proper way to call the function, but the value returned cannot be 
the object of an assignment.

Gary Herron

> 	# Assign the first randomized value to our first word to be weighted.
> 	randomizing_counter = randomizing_counter + 1
> 	# Up the counter and repeat.
> [/code]
> The starred line is the one getting the error message: "SyntaxError:
> can't assign to function call"
> Now, I do understand what this means. I'm trying to assign to a
> function instead of the value that the function should create. But
> since when is weights_array or small_randomizing_int a function? Both
> are being declared in the code on their first usage. This one has got
> me stumped, maybe you guys can help me out with it?
> Thanks,
> ~Dustin

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