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Sat Jul 28 10:40:06 CEST 2007

 <tylerca at> wrote:

> I'm attempting to start some process control using Python.  I've have
> quite a bit of literature on networking, and have made some tinkering
> servers and clients for different protocols HTTP, FTP, etc... But now
> it's time for the murky web of industrial protocol.  I'm looking to
> start with IO and servo controls via  Ethernet.
> Questions:
> Is there an existing forum on this already?
> What protocols are the most python friendly? i.e. are transparent
> enough that i can create my own python driver. (or do these drivers
> exist?)
> What ethernet accesible servo and IO industrial devices have people
> had success with?

What is it that you are trying to do? 
Some of the commercial devices come with their own software, and
you may not need python or anything else.
A lot of the industrial connectivity is still RS-485 or RS-422 and not
Ethernet based - although some of the protocols, have, I think, been ported.

If you say more, then someone can maybe help you, as there are quite a few
people on this group who seem to dabble in process control.

- Hendrik

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