IDEs for COM scripting: C# v. Python v. Iron Python v. JPython

John J. Lee jjl at
Fri Jul 6 21:10:38 CEST 2007

"Méta-MCI" <enleverlesX.XmcX at> writes:
> And, all COM-servers builds with Python are dynamic-COM-server.

Not true.  Look for "comtypes" on this page:

> about Iron Python: is there a good IDE for it that has a typing assist?

MS calls this "typing assist" feature IntelliSense:

The Visual Studio SDK ships with a Visual Studio Integration sample of
IronPython. This features IronPython projects to be created, syntax
coloring, debugging, and IntelliSense® in Python files and the
IronPython console. This is another example of the benefits of being a
full-fledged .NET citizen: Visual Studio support!

But things are changing very quickly with IronPython ATM.  If you want
to do anything with IronPython ATM, you'd be mad not to be subscribed
to the IronPython mailing list.  Try reading recent messages there,
and asking there if still in doubt, what the current situation is (may
*well* have changed since that article, and in particular you're very
likely to need just the right versions of everything for this to work
-- not necessarily the latest versions).


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