Trying to choose between python and java

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Jul 16 07:28:08 CEST 2007

James T. Dennis <jadestar at> wrote:
>  You can start writing all your code now as: print() --- calling
>  the statement as if it were a function.  Then you're future Python

...except that your output format will thereby become disgusting...:

>>> name = 'Alex'
>>> print 'Hello', name, 'and welcome to my program!'
Hello Alex and welcome to my program!
>>> print('Hello', name, 'and welcome to my program!')
('Hello', 'Alex', 'and welcome to my program!')

In Python 2.*, the parentheses will make a tuple, and so you'll get an
output full of parentheses, quotes and commas.  I think it's pretty bad
advice to give a newbie, to make his output as ugly as this.


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