SMTP server w/o using Twisted framework

Jeff McNeil jeff at
Thu Jul 5 21:37:49 CEST 2007


On 7/5/07, _spitFIRE <timid.Gentoo at> wrote:
> On Jul 5, 1:34 pm, "Jeff McNeil" <j... at> wrote:
> > If you just want to send mail, you should be able to use the standard
> > smtplib module ( If
> > your recipients are on the Internet, you would need to handle MX
> > resolution yourself.
> >
> How complicated is to handle the MX resolution by myself? I'm sorry
> that I don't have a clue regarding that. Any pointers would be greatly
> appreciated.

You could try pyDNS (  You should simply
be able to call the 'DNS.mxlookup' function.  The other option would
be twisted.names...

> > I know you said you want to avoid a relay server, but it's probably
> > the best bet unless you control the SMTP infrastructure or are simply
> > sending messages locally.
> The problem is that with the scenario I'm faced with, I don't have any
> reliable SMTP server that I can use. Hence, I though I will spawn my
> own light-weight SMTP server that can send mails to the people I want,
> on the Internet. But, from what you are saying it seems, it might not
> be that light weight after all!

What about simply running an SMTP server on the machine running your
application? Is that a possible approach?

> > Otherwise, you'll probably need to also
> > implement queuing and retry logic (depending on your requirements).
> Isn't there a library module that can help me implement all this?

Not that I know of.  The protocol is standard, the queuing and retry
logic, not so much.  Someone else may know more than I, though.

> > There are also some warning lights that may go off and flag your mail
> > as spam if you're using a method like that...
> >
> > -Jeff
> Would you please fill me in with some pointers as to why my mail might
> get flagged as spam? Would it be considered spam even if I've a valid
> from address, and a proper message/subject? Does the spam filter also
> rely on the sending server's DNS etc because of which you say it might
> get flagged as spam?

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