Memory Logging

NuclearOnslaught at NuclearOnslaught at
Tue Jul 24 19:32:27 CEST 2007

Hey all,

I'm running some data analysis scripts that, due to the input file
size, tend to be quite memory intensive.  I've been reading up on
Python's memory allocation (I'm using 2.4 and am locked into it, so I
don't have the new fixes in 2.5) but because of the nature of its
looping I don't think its losing much memory because of some of the
deallocation issues - it will reuse the ints and lists that Python is
retaining references to.

Because of this I suspect there are other memory leaks, and I'm trying
to find out where; some method through which I could monitor memory
usage as the script runs would be extremely helpful, even if it just
prints the amount of memory python is using every time I call a
particular command.

I've tried using the profile module; the output didn't seem
particularly helpful in terms of memory usage.

In case OS-specific commands are required, all the machines it will
run on are using Windows XP.

-- Aneesh Goel

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