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James Stroud jstroud at
Sat Jul 14 01:06:05 CEST 2007

nik wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for an interactive graphical script builder for python.
> Basically, something like the os X automator. I have made a group of
> methods that some non-programmers need to combine into a script. I
> don't need a python IDE necessarially, but more of a sequence builder.
> I am imagining a tool that could show graphical representations of my
> different commands and then string them together in a single "script."
> I've done a lot of googling, and the closest things that I can find
> are apple automator or labview, but before I go through the process of
> making one of those interact with python I would like to know if
> anybody already knows of something like them that is more tuned to
> python.
> Thanks,
> Nik

Check out Viper at Scripps (Sanner, lab). He has a prototype of this 
type of thing for working with molecular models. I'm not sure how the 
code is liscensed.

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