Portable general timestamp format, not 2038-limited

Paul Rubin http
Sun Jul 1 20:57:30 CEST 2007

Martin Gregorie <martin at see.sig.for.address> writes:
> GPS time is UTC time 

According to Wikipedia, 

    While most clocks are synchronized to Coordinated Universal Time
    (UTC), the Atomic clocks on the satellites are set to GPS time. The
    difference is that GPS time is not corrected to match the rotation of
    the Earth, so it does not contain leap seconds or other corrections
    which are periodically added to UTC. GPS time was set to match
    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in 1980, but has since diverged. The
    lack of corrections means that GPS time remains at a constant offset
    (19 seconds) with International Atomic Time (TAI).


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