some parts of wxPython broken on Mac

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Tue Jul 24 15:25:00 CEST 2007

On Jul 24, 6:14 am, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
> ahlongxp wrote:
> > Sorry, I know this is not the most appropriate place to talk about
> > wxPython.
> > But I can't have access to wxPython mail list page(because I don't pay
> > enough).
> > I downloaded python2.5 and wxPython from and
> > installed them into one of my friends' Mac 10.4.8(intel)
> > and I found wx.lib.flatnotebook and wx.xrc were broken(which are quite
> > OK under both Linux and Windows).
> > because I don't have the machine, I can't give more details.
> > I hope someone will be good enough to check out these problems.
> I'm not a Mac user, so I can't answer the technical issues. But I *do*
> know that the wxPython users list is just as open as python-list, so I
> see no reason why you shouldn't point these issues out there. Cost
> shouldn't be a factor.
> If you do so, however, you should give a little more information than
> that the components "are broken". That won't help anyone isolate an issue.
> regards
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Yeah, you need to post to the wxPython group here:

There's an entire slew of wxPython gurus on there that use Macs,
Windows, and Linux on there and will be better able to help you if
you're more descriptive.


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