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Alex Popescu nospam.themindstorm at
Sun Jul 22 13:20:41 CEST 2007

On 7/22/07, Ryan Ginstrom <> wrote:
> Hi Alex:
> Do you develop for Windows? Are you looking to automate a build
> process? 
> The standard library's build module is distutils:
> As I mentioned in my post, I use a variety of third-party modules
> (epydoc, py2exe, Inno Setup, AutoIt), which I glue together with my
> own brew of python scripts. Since I develop mostly for Windows (except
> for Web stuff, which I use Linux for), my build process is tailored to
> that platform. 
> Regards,
> Ryan Ginstrom

Thanks for following up on this. I am mostly used with a world where
platform dependent builds are not very used (Java). 

My current attempt to learn Python is by creating a Python equivalent of
the advanced Java testing framework TestNG ( -- but I
will give more details about this when I'll be starting to have
something more solid :-). 

However, due to my background where builds are required and there are
some de facto build standards (Ant, Maven, etc.) I am starting to think
I will be needing something similar while working on the tool I've
mentioned. At this point I think that what I am interested in are how
distros are build in Python world (no platform specific distros, but
rather generic ones) and ways to automate the process of creating the
distros (and probably running the framework internal tests etc.) 

My research lead me to distutils and/or setuptools, respectively SCon
and/or buildutils. So I am wondering if I am looking in the right
direction or do I need to do some more research :-). 

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

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