Best method for inter process communications

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Jul 16 19:59:24 CEST 2007

JamesHoward wrote:
> I am looking for a way of performing inter process communication over
> XML between a python program and something else creating XML data.
> What is the best way of performing this communication?  I could bind a
> socket to localhost and perform the data transfer that way, but that
> seems inefficient due to the addition of TCP/IP or UDP/IP overhead.
> Is there a way to stream data via a custom datastream (I.E. not STDIO,
> STDERR, etc)?
Nothing that portable across different platforms, I suspect.

However I see no reason why you can't use pipelines in Unix (in other 
words what's wrong with using stdin/stdout?), and Windows offers 
something called a named pipe. You could even use shared memory if you 

Given the radically inefficient representations that XML typically 
requires, however, I think that worrying about localhost socket overhead 
is unnecessary: if your application was *that* critical you wouldn't be 
using XML in the first place.

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