Parsing XML with ElementTree (unicode problem?)

oren.tsur at oren.tsur at
Thu Jul 26 13:24:54 CEST 2007

OK, I solved the problem but I still don't get what went wrong.
Solution - use tree builder in order to create the new xml file
(previously I was  "manually" creating it).

I'm still curious so I'm adding a link to a short and very simple
script that gets an xml (containing non ascii chars) from the web and
saves some of the elements to 2 different local xml files - one is
created by XMLWriter and the other is created manually. you could see
that parsing of the first local file is OK while parsing of the
"manually" created xml file fails. obviously I'm doing something wrong
and I'd love to learn what.

the toy script:

Thaks for all your help,


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