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At 03:23 AM 7/28/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Kenneth,  being new to Python i wondered if you at least considered
>Doctests as part of your testing solution.
>Other languages don't have Doctest.
>- Paddy.

Until I read your post, I had never even heard of Doctest.  I will look
into it.

Here is the list of online sources I've found:

Here are the O'Reilly books I purchased from Barnes & Noble:

Python in a Nutshell (2nd ed.)
Python Cookbook (2nd ed.)
Programming Python (3rd ed.)

I am a slow reader.  So, if Doctests are mentioned in any of the above,
I haven't encountered it yet.

Specifically, my information on unit testing comes from reading about
half of this online chapter:

I will search on Google for more info on Doctest.


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