socket: connection reset by server before client gets response

Adriano Varoli Piazza moranar at
Mon Jul 9 13:03:29 CEST 2007

ahlongxp wrote:
> I feel officially offended.

I didn't intend to offend you, I was joking. I apologise in any case.
There's a few things to be said, though:

As per your message in another thread, it isn't that you don't express
yourself clearly in English, but that you were too quick to claim a
standard function was buggy without first thinking if your own code
could be buggy instead. That presumption isn't related to the language.

Second, if you do say that you aren't comfortable in English, try to
assume that people aren't trying to insult you by default. I was
speaking generallyin my message.

Third, this is usenet. Although probably not in this newsgroup, if you
continue to make the assumptions I and others pointed out, you will
receive this kind of answer. Perhaps with much more insult than right
now. So it is a great idea to grow a thick skin.


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