I am giving up perl because of assholes on clpm -- switching to Python

John K Masters johnmasters at oxtedonline.net
Thu Jul 26 23:08:07 CEST 2007

On 16:33 Thu 26 Jul     , brad wrote:
> Martha_Jones at tx.net wrote:
> > Python is a better language, with php support, anyway, but I am fed up
> > with attitudes of comp.lang.perl.misc. Assholes in this newsgroup ruin
> > Perl experience for everyone. Instead of being helpful, snide remarks,
> > back-biting, scare tactings, and so on proliferate and self
> > reinforce. All honest people have left this sad newsgroup. Buy bye,
> > assholes, I am not going to miss you!!!
> > 
> > Martha
> Out of the pan and into the fire. :) Welcome to the world of Ph.D's in 
> Computer Science. You think the Perl guys have attitude, just wait and 
> see what you're in for over here. I think you'll find attitudes in any 
> programming language... just different types. May God have mercy on your 
> soul! You'll be making a similar announcement in a few weeks when you 
> switch to Ruby :) The cold, cruel theoretical, lofty Python will 
> mercilessly crush you :)
> I'm just joking, OK.

As a complete amateur in the world of programming (barring 25 years
programming machine tools in the aerospace industry) I would like to
point out that the more arcane the ['language', 'operating system',
'application'] the more unfriendly the community.

Python is a revelation to me as a language that grows with the ability
of the programmer, which creates a multi-level community not too
centered on one-upmanship to nurture new talent.

Regards, John
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