CSV without first line?

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Sun Jul 22 22:52:54 CEST 2007

On 15 Jul, 04:30, "Sebastian Bassi" <sba... at clubdelarazon.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> In my CSV file, the first line has the name of the variables. So the
> data I want to parse resides from line 2 up to the end. Here is what I
> do:
> import csv
> lines=csv.reader(open("MYFILE"))
> lines.next() #this is just to avoid the first line
> for line in lines:
> This works fine. But I don't like to do "lines.next()" just to get rid
> of the first line. So I wonder if the reader function on the csv
> module has something that could let me parse the file from the second
> line (w/o doing that lines.next()).

There is nothing better than the way you are doing it now. Your code
is explicit so that everyone reading it can see that you skip exactly
one line at the beginning.

Imagine that one day someone presents you with a CSV file containing
two header rows? You can easily handle this by writing:

lines.next() # and skip the second line too

but any other magic method that you can find, might not work.

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