socket: connection reset by server before client gets response

ahlongxp ahlongxp at
Mon Jul 9 09:21:29 CEST 2007

> It's a pleasure.
> Sometimes I think that all would be programmers should be
> forced to write a "Hello World" to transmit out of a serial port
> in assembler on hardware that carries no OS - just to teach
> them about interrupts and time.
> I would require them to hand assemble the code too, to make
> them appreciate what a compiler or an interpreter does.
Then there will be more crocodiles than programmers.
> And if you fail the test, you get taken out and fed to the
> sacred crocodiles.
> - Hendrik
> --
> For training with a bite, enrol now in Heavy Henry's
> Wholesome Hackadamy for Precocious Programmers

I feel a little embarrassed now.


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