Best architecture for proxy?

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Jul 11 04:19:56 CEST 2007

Bjoern Schliessmann wrote:
> Andrew Warkentin wrote:
>> I am going to write a general-purpose modular proxy in Python. It
>> will consist of a simple core and several modules for things like
>> filtering and caching. I am not sure whether it is better to use
>> multithreading, or to use an event-driven networking library like
>> Twisted or Medusa/ Asyncore. Which would be the better
>> architecture to use?
> I'd definitely use an event-driven approach with Twisted. 
> Generally, multithreading is less performant than multiplexing. High
> performance servers mostly use a combination of both, though.
Converselt I'd recommend Medusa - not necessarily because it's "better", 
but becuase I know it better. There's also a nice general-purpose proxy 
program (though I'd be surprised if Twisted didn't also have one).

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