Any reason why cStringIO in 2.5 behaves different from 2.4?

Stefan Scholl stesch at
Sat Jul 28 20:06:23 CEST 2007

Stefan Behnel <stefan.behnel-n05pAM at> wrote:
> Stefan Scholl wrote:
>> But the style of the answers makes me wonder if I should report
>> the bug in xml.sax (or its documentation) or just ignore it.
> Note that PyXML is no longer actively maintained, so it's unlikely that

Too bad it can still be found in at least 80 % of all XML
examples. I should burn the XML chapter of the cookbook.

By the way: Thanks for the tip regarding LXML. I'll try to
remember it for the next project.

> reporting the bug would get you a version that raises an exception when
> passing a unicode string *independent of the Python version*.
> Besides, the bug has been fixed in Python 2.5 already.

Just checked on a system without PyXML: xml/sax/
defines parseString() and uses cStringIO (when available).

Python 2.5.1

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