Auto-parallelizing with decorators?

Josiah Carlson josiah.carlson at
Sat Jul 7 19:27:52 CEST 2007

Kirk Strauser wrote:
> In article <po22m4xvvj1.ln2 at>,
>  Kirk Strauser <kirk at> wrote:
>> I was thinking about how a lot of Lisp proponents claim that Lisp is
>> inherently parallelizable because its functions don't have (or are not
>> supposed to have) side effects, and therefore the compiler can easily tell
>> which calls may be run in parallel instead of strictly serially.  I'm not a
>> Lisp expert so I can't say whether that's true or not, but it seems like an
>> interesting idea for Python.
> By the way, I uploaded a sample implementation (in Python) of what I had 
> in mind to .  Please 
> let me know what you think of it and whether it seems remotely 
> interesting or goofy.

Try the Processing package available at the Python package index. 
Create as many processes as you want, then toss the data you want 
processed into a Queue.  Watch magically as your data gets processed.

  - Josiah

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