S2K DTS and Python

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> > However, I now want to update some tables in MSAccess, and it
> > to me that because Sequel Server 2000 DTS can interface with
> > languages that maybe I could call my first Python program from
> > DTS and then update the tables using DTS. (I am learning DTS hence
> > idea).

I have never heard about DTS, so I cannot advise you on that.
But since you mentioned MsAccess, I want to mention that I have
successfully used the DejaVu object relational mapper[1] to access
databases. Other ORMs like SqlObject and SqlAlchemy - to the best of
my knowledge -
do not support MsAccess out of the box (yet?).

[1] http://projects.amor.org/docs/dejavu/1.5.0RC1/

Thanks for your reply Stefaan. I will file away that information. It
looks useful. 

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