The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

Twisted twisted0n3 at
Sun Jul 8 03:00:42 CEST 2007

On Jul 7, 6:12 pm, Lew <l... at lewscanon.nospam> wrote:
> Twisted wrote:
> Edward Dodge wrote:
> >> So -- what magical computer app illuminates the entire room and shows
> >> you how to use everything at the flip of a switch?  This brilliant
> >> discovery would put Sam's, O'Reilly, the for-Dummies series, and
> >> virtually every other computer book publisher out of business in weeks.
> >> Naturally, this would include the publishers of books on "easy-to-use"
> >> Microsoft products.
> > I don't know, but it sure as hell isn't emacs.
> The reason you don't know, and Edward Dodge's point, is that there is no such
> app, whether emacs or not.

Translation: since perfection is unattainable, we shouldn't even try,
and just foist upon our poor users whatever awkward and hard-to-learn
interface pops into our heads first?

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