Can a low-level programmer learn OOP?

James Stroud jstroud at
Sat Jul 14 08:49:56 CEST 2007

Chris Carlen wrote:
> Hi:
>  From what I've read of OOP, I don't get it.  I have also found some 
> articles profoundly critical of OOP.

I've also found articles critical of Darwinism--but we can chalk that up 
to religious zealotry can't we?

Any gui more complicated than a few entry fields and some checkbuttons 
is going to lend itself to OOP--so if you want to do GUI, learn OOP. The 
time you spend learning OOP will be about 1/10th the time required to 
debug a modestly complicated gui. This is especially true of guis that 
require real-time feedback behavior.

If you just want to enter some values and set some flags and then hit 
"go", you could always program the GUI in HTML and have a cgi script 
process the result. This has a lot of benefits that are frequently 
overlooked but tend to be less fun than using a bona-fide toolkit like 
WX or QT.


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