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Steve Holden steve at
Sun Jul 22 15:12:21 CEST 2007

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Jul 2007 03:23:30 -0700, vedrandekovic wrote:
>> Thanks for everything previously, but just to I ask about code
>> indentation,this with { and } doesn't
>> employed, here is my example how can I solve this about code
>> indentation:
>>>>> n=90
>>>>> if n==90:
>>         {print "bok kjai ma'}
>>   File "<input>", line 2
>>     {print "bok kjai ma'}
>>          ^
>> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> Steve Holden was playing silly games. You can't use { } for indentation.
> You have to use indentation.
I wasn't playing silly games at all, and I did prefix that part ofmy 
answer with "I'm afraid I don't understand this question". The OP is 
writing a program to "translate" a Python-like language that uses 
non-English keywords into Python. Since the application is transforming 
its input, it could transform braces into indentation. Of course 
*Python* doesn't use braces, but the question was how to write 
"pseudo-Python" without using indentation to indicate grouping.

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