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On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 08:51:31 +0200, "Hendrik van Rooyen"
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>8< -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Also, I tend to follow the general Evolutionarily Stable Strategy
>> generally called "Retaliator".  In the simple game of Hawk vs. Dove a
>> Hawk always attacks and defends to the death, whereas a Dove always
>> runs. A mixed strategy would be to sometimes attack-and-defend and
>> sometimes run, and a special case is to always run except when you're
>> attacked--then defend to the death; i.e., behave like a Dove to a Dove
>> and like a Hawk to a Hawk. 
>> In Game Theory, if not in practice, Retaliator is dominant over both
>> pure Hawk and pure Dove, partly because some who present like Hawks
>> are actually Bullies--who behave like Hawks until an opponent defends,
>> then behave  like Doves.
>*grin* - you realise of course, that this stated strategy leaves you wide
>open to trolls of the "Lets see what we can provoke him into responding"
>kind - from people whose sense of humour is either subtle, or evil...
>- Hendrik

Subtle is good  and generally easy enough to spot ("Never kid a
kidder!").  As for evil, no problem--I'm also a bit of an Equivocator
(perhaps even  Prevaricator), and probably won't bother to respond to
anyone who seems to be a waste of time or is beyond redemption.

I seldom use a kill filter though since I'm too curious about what
they're going to say next, but can just read and suffer silently when
I choose to!

And thanks for the sage advice!


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