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Tue Jul 31 06:37:07 EDT 2007

 vedrandekovic at wrote:

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>> > If you mean on operating system then unfortunately Windows XP.
>> I don't know for sure but maybe it doesn't support all ASCII escapes
>> codes.
>> Why do you care about \b anyway :-) ?
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> Hi,
> I need this inevitable for my "programming language", for code
> indentation. I don't know how to  write script with module tokenize
> for code indentation.

Still not giving up reinventing the wheel? You should take some lessons on
syntax analysis before attempting this. But I know this words won't be

So, to your actual problem: that backspace is removing a character is
something an editor or a terminal do, because they interpret the backspace.
You wouldn't expect the string "<font color="blue">foo</font>" to be
rendered blue by magic as well, wouldn't you?

So what you need to do is: search the string for backspaces, and remove the
BS as well as the character before. Something along these lines (untested):

teststring = "abc\bcde\b"

while teststring.find("\b") > -1:
      pos = teststring.find("\b")
      teststring = teststring[:pos-1] + teststring[pos+1:]


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