Where do they tech Python officialy ?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jul 28 20:27:50 CEST 2007

Omari Norman <omari at smileystation.com> writes:
> Just curious--what language would you recommend as most
> beginner-friendly?

I'm not sure what to suggest, I don't pay much attention to this
area.  Maybe Logo?

> > With some reasonable experience in Scheme or
> > Mozart or Haskell, plus a Python manual, you'll be well on your way.
> I had heard of these languages, but learning them is a bit discouraging
> because (Java excepted) they don't seem to get much practical use.

I wouldn't worry about that.  It's like saying it's discouraging to
learn in engineering class how to solve problems involving frictionless
pulleys because you can't buy those in practice.  The idea in each of
the above cases is to strip the problem to its bare essentials for
study.  Dealing with real-world complications can come later.

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