Should I use Python for these programs?

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Wed Jul 11 08:56:18 CEST 2007

 "CC" <crobc at> wrote:

8< -----------------------------------------------------------
>  Basically, it's almost impossible to use 
> ethernet on other than PCs, on the official LAN.
> I will have to look into this further though, as higher data rate stuff 
> is a problem with serial.  Although I could do 10Mbps RS-422 I suppose.

This kind of implies USB into the PC - Haven't seen a 16550 driven much
above 1Mb/s

As you have a DSP in the system think about USB (with the chips you mentioned)
into a DSP then the DSP's serial port converted to RS-485 for every signal 
(clock, data in and out and sync) and then everything is native DSP on the 
remote device.

That gives you multiple channels of better than Audio response, full duplex.

And since your eyes are slower than your ears, that should be good enough...

- Hendrik

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