I am giving up perl because of assholes on clpm -- switching to Python

RedGrittyBrick redgrittybrick at spamweary.foo
Fri Jul 27 18:12:48 CEST 2007

Paul Rubin wrote:
> M brad <byte8bits at gmail.com> writes:
>> Out of the pan and into the fire. :) Welcome to the world of Ph.D's
>> in Computer Science. You think the Perl guys have attitude, just
>> wait and see what you're in for over here. I think you'll find
>> attitudes in any programming language... just different types. May
>> God have mercy on your soul! You'll be making a similar
>> announcement in a few weeks when you switch to Ruby :) The cold,
>> cruel theoretical, lofty Python will mercilessly crush you :)
> Come over to comp.lang.functional sometime.  I thought I was hardcore
>  but my brain is not big enough for that newsgroup.


In most of the technical computer newsgroups which I frequent, there is
a handful of knowledgeable and helpful but irritable regulars, and often
one or two saints who contribute usefully, ignore rudeness and almost
never post off topic.

I find it best to treasure the saints, tolerate the irritable and ignore
the whiners.


No saint.

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