How to programmatically insert pages into MDI.

fynali iladijas iladijas at
Tue Jul 24 14:36:37 CEST 2007

Hi, this query is regarding automating page insertions in Microsoft
Document Imaging.

I have two sets of MDIs generated fortnightly: Invoices and their
corresponding Broadcast Certificates; about 150 of each.

My billing application can generate one big MDI with all 150 invoices
and another with all the Broadcast Certificates.  At the moment I take
the pages of, say invoice #1 and insert them into a new MDI (calling
it in001.mdi).  Then I grab the corresponding Broadcast-Certificate-
pages of invoice #1 and insert them into in001.mdi.  I proceed to
complete the rest the same way (quite a pain).

Once done, I print each inxxxxx.mdi, setting various printer options
such as binding direction, staple & hole-punch etc.

What I would like to automate is the coupling of an Invoice & its
corresponding Broadcast-Certificate-pages into a new appropriately
named MDI & then printing it into one step; iterating over all the
xxxxx until done.

My billing app can be set to generate each invoice & broadcast
certificate separately with a convenient naming convention to aid in
program logic (for eg. inxxxxx.mdi & bcxxxxx.mdi) where xxxxx
indicates corresponding invoice & respective broadcast certificates.

All help and advice will be most appreciated.

Thank you.

s|a fynali

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