sys.ps1 with formatting (linux)

Jon Dobson jdobson at
Mon Jul 23 22:33:22 CEST 2007

I'm trying to set sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 with some formatting (linux) using:

python -i -c 'import sys; sys.ps1="\033[1m\033[32mspy>\033[0m";sys.ps2="\033[1m\033[32m   .\033[0m"'

I get the colored prompt(s) as you might expect, but I'm getting some strange behavior with wrapping.  Once the interactive command gets long enough to wrap, it wraps back to the same line (overwriting the beginning).  It doesn't break anything - the command gets interpreted correctly, it's just an ugly way to work.

What's even "cooler" is when I middle-mouse-paste a command and then try to edit the line, it moves up one line in the shell and prints the command I'm editing (minus the character I just deleted).  Once again, it's just a display issue - the commands still work.

I realize this is pretty obscure, but I'm just hoping someone else has seen and dealt with something like this...


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