How can i change an Object type ?

Tim Roberts timr at
Wed Jul 4 07:40:50 CEST 2007

KuhlmannSascha <Sascha.Kuhlmann at> wrote:
>i tried now for several hours to read through a win32com API to access
>Itunes and read out myplaylists.
>First of all the Code:
>The current Logic is to access first Itunes and then a Playlist
>This Playlist collection returns different kind of objects for
>I am focussing on the Playlists of the object UserPlaylist.
>(CodeLine:   if curPlaylist.Kind == 2:)
>After that i should be sure to have a UserPlaylist, but Python stops
>with an exception that the requested Attribute "Smart"  is not
>Error MEssage:
>AttributeError: '<win32com.gen_py.iTunes 1.9 Type Library.IITPlaylist
>instance at 0x30216960>' object has no attribute 'Smart'

Smart is part of IITUserPlaylist, not IITPlaylist.  You need to call
curPlaylist.QueryInterface to get the IITUserPlaylist, but that means
you'll need to know the GUID for IITUserPlaylist.  Perhaps Google will
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