Simple search and Display system, no need for db?

Helmut Jarausch jarausch at
Wed Jul 11 07:15:42 EDT 2007

flit wrote:
> Hello All,
> I was discussing with a friend and we get in a hot debate.
> We have homepage that act like a name list.
> The user goes there:
> - Choose the building -- Department and the user receive an html table
> with all names .
> So the user gives two inputs and receive the names.
> Currently we are using this in mysql, This is the reason of the
> debate.
> If our list will never change and we are supposing that will be true
> for a long time, is it not too much use an mysql?
> Which kind of structure can we use in python? in web?

What about using a simple dictionary in Python. You can use the module
pickle (or cpickle) to dump it to disk and load it next time.
Furthermore you can easily write the whole web server in Python,
e.g. I like

Helmut Jarausch

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