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> On this group I ask for serious help and now we talk about
> communication.

Yes. You're asking for volunteer help from a group of people who have
their own priorities separate from yours. The way to garner help from
these people is to respect their time. One excellent way to do that is
to communicate clearly and maturely, so that your messages are easier
(and therefore faster) to read.

Please, before going further, read this document on how to ask
questions the smart way:


> Then I you don't know how to help me then please DON'T SAY ANYTHING

This is a volunteer group, run for the benefit of the community. We
want to help not only you, but *anyone* who might come here asking for
help, and especially those who are inclined to help them.

Advice on improving communication is one good way to do that: it
actively works toward better communication in future, which helps
questions get answered quicker and consumes less of the helpers' time.

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