Important new release (was: Crunchy security advisory)

André andre.roberge at
Mon Jul 30 04:49:43 CEST 2007

A new release (0.9.2) containing a very important security fix is
for Crunchy, at

Anyone using Crunchy *should* download this release.

Fairly detailed information about the security issue can be found
on the FAQ page included in Crunchy's release
(viewable from Crunchy's left menu).


Crunchy is an application that transforms an otherwise static
html page into an interactive Python session.

On Jul 28, 8:13 pm, André <andre.robe... at> wrote:
> A security hole has been uncovered in Crunchy (version and
> earlier).
> Anyone using Crunchy to browse web tutorials should only visit sites
> that are trustworthy.
> We are working hard at fixing the hole; a new release addressing the
> problems that have
> been found should be forthcoming shortly.
> André

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