ANN: Snobol 1.0

John J. Lee jjl at
Thu Jul 26 23:20:30 CEST 2007

(Sorry if this appears twice, accidentally included
the first time where it was (correctly) rejected, not sure if that
means it didn't get through to either).

greg <greg at> writes:

> Aahz wrote:
>> So adding
>> SNOBOL patterns to another library would be a wonderful gift to the
>> Python community...
> I wrote a module for Snobol-style pattern matching a
> while back, but didn't get around to releasing it.
> I've just put it on my web page:
> There's no manual yet, but there's a fairly complete
> set of docstrings and some test cases to figure it
> out from.


Would be nice if tarball contained a top-level directory rather than
unpacking directly into the current working directory -- people on
traditional (non-Mac) unixy systems don't expect that.  PEP 8-style
module name ( not would be nice too.


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