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Ryan Ginstrom software at
Sat Jul 21 03:41:41 CEST 2007

> On Behalf Of Paul Rubin
> I'm wondering how other projects go about this.

I develop an automated build system from the very beginning. Running the
build script:
* Creates the API documentation (epydoc)
* Creates the help files (extracting some information from the source)
* Builds a windows executable (py2exe)
* Builds an installer (Inno Setup)
* Runs the installer (AutoIt)
* Runs a smoke test on the installed application (AutoIt)

The program must at least install and pass the smoke tests at any given
point in development.

Another script uploads the installer to my server, and sends an email to the
testers stating that a new version is ready, with a list of

Ryan Ginstrom

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