IDEs for COM scripting: C# v. Python v. Iron Python v. JPython

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Thu Jul 5 08:51:47 CEST 2007

Siegfried Heintze schrieb:
> I love the typing assist I get when using C# in VS2005 to write COM clients.
> I need to write a program to automate some tasks in outlook. Givin that the 
> typing assist feature is very important to me, what would be the best 
> combination of IDE and language for COM scripting?
> I was experimenting with Groovy and Eclipse and was extremely pleased to 
> discover that I get the typing assist with that combination. However, I'm 
> getting an accvio with a minimal outlook COM client. I hear great things 
> about Iron Python: is there a good IDE for it that has a typing assist?

You won't get it in python. Python has no type declarations, thus the 
IDE has no idea what type a name points to. This is true for IronPython 
as well.

There are some other aids - for example eric (a python editor written in 
python, using Qt) will have API-files generated that at least let you 
choose the name of a method/property after you typed the first character.

But you should still try and see how productive one is in python. I'm 
working in a Java shop, with eclipse - one of the most intimate 
IDE-language-relationships imaginable. I get all the auto-completion, 
refactoring and whatnot-support.

And I'd swap it for python + emacs every minute.


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