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> On 26 srp, 13:43, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
>> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>>> *  (Wed, 25 Jul 2007 11:22:03 -0700)
>>>> On 25 srp, 17:31, Wildemar Wildenburger <wilde... at> wrote:
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>>>>>>> And while we're on the topic of communication: The original poster
>>>>>>> would do well to learn that increasing the number of consecutive
>>>>>>> punctuation marks (!!!, ???) is a sure way to turn away many people
>>>>>>> who would otherwise be helpful. Sentences need at most one '!' or '?',
>>>>>>> adding more does not improve the chances of being taken seriously.
>>>>>> And if you can help me than please help me , but if you can't then
>>>>>> please don't leave me some stupid messages
>>>>> Whats stupid about this? It's sane advice.
>>>>> Which looks more serious to you:
>>>>> this:
>>>>> I can't do it!!!! Can you PLEASE help me????!!!?!
>>>>> or this:
>>>>> I don't know the answer. Can you please help me?
>>>>> Even if it makes no difference to you, to many people it does. So Ben is
>>>>> right: People *will* take your posts more seriously if you restrict your
>>>>> use of punctuation (if only because its easier to read).
>>>>> Don't feel offended, nobody was trying to put you down.
>>>> On this group I ask for serious help and now we talk about
>>>> communication. Then I you don't know how to help me then please DON'T
>>> You already got serious help even though you haven't realised that
>>> yet.
>> We should be making allowances for this particular poster on account of
>> relative youth: I hadn't realised earlier, but we are dealing with a
>> fourteen-year-old. Since fourteen-year-olds already know everything we
>> should be honored we are being asked for help at all ;-)
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> Hi again,
> Just one more question, can I maybe do this indentation with string
> e.g
> here is my failed example of try with string:
> kl="n=90;if n==90:print'kajmakimar'"
> for line in kl.split(";"):
>     li=[]
>     m=li.append(line)
>     if line.endswith(':'):
>             m.append("\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t")
>     print m
> maybe if you can help me with this?

This won't work. It's impossible to know how deep to indent without any 
begin/end-tokens. Consider this simple example:

if foo:
    print "foo"
    if bar:
       print "bar"

is equal to

'if foo:;print"foo";if bar:;print "bar"'

But that could as well be

if foo:
    print "foo"
if bar:
    print "bar"

So - you need some block delimiters.

And as it has been said to you a bazzillion times: stop doing what 
you're doing. Use python. As it is. Your limited understandig of parsing 
and language design makes your task beyond your capabilites. For now. 
And the forseeable future...


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