Should I use Python for these programs?

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Wed Jul 11 04:55:10 CEST 2007

Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:
>  "CC" <crobc at> wrote:[edit]
>>1.  Develop a simple GUI program to run on Linux and Windows which can 
>>send parameters and small blocks of data to an embedded microcontroller 
>>device via RS-232 or USB.  Also display simple data (probably single 
>>numbers) sent from the device.
> If you spend a bit of money on a Lantronix Xport, you can use ethernet,
> and then the linux/windows problems goes away - as sockets seem to 
> "just work"

Yeah, that's neato.  Trouble is, I work at a national lab, which is 
where some of these apps will be developed.  They have a big problem 
with ethernet devices.  Basically, it's almost impossible to use 
ethernet on other than PCs, on the official LAN.

I will have to look into this further though, as higher data rate stuff 
is a problem with serial.  Although I could do 10Mbps RS-422 I suppose.
>>I am also confused by the plethora of Python GUI extensions, though 
>>Tkinter seems like a likely candidate.  I am uncertain if I will have 
>>difficulty learning how to use this if I don't know Tcl/Tk.
> No - there are excellent examples and docs available on the web.
> Unless you are doing something very fancy, you dont "need" to know Tcl.
> The development cycle is fast, and if you get stuck you can get help
> here - this is a super group of people (said he modestly...   :- )  )

Yeah, that's really great.  Our in-house programmer uses wxPython, I've 
discovered, so that's a strong push in that direction.  Though he isn't 
totally unfamiliar with TkInter too.

>>Do you think Python is the right language for these projects?
> Yes - I am in the process of finishing an Injection Moulding Machine 
> Controller, with the GUI in tkinter (cos its in the standard library),
> with some crude animation of the machine functions - and it all "just works"

Thanks for the input.

I am not seeing anything to indicate that Python isn't the direction in 
which I should head.

Good day!

Christopher R. Carlen
crobc at
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