trouble controlling vim with subprocess on windows machine

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Mon Jul 9 13:27:59 CEST 2007

On Jul 9, 5:30 am, Nick Craig-Wood <n... at> wrote:
> Eric_Dex... at <Eric_Dex... at> wrote:
> >       I am having trouble contolling vim with subprocess on a windows
> >  machine.  It appears that vim comes up on the machine all right and it
> >  sometimes looks like it is doing the searchs what I am asking it to do
> >  but when I am asking it to load a file it doesn't do anything.  Is
> >  there something I need to do to push the data through the pipe??  Here
> >  is a couple different ways I am trying to do it.
> For controlling an interactive program subprocess isn't the right
> tool.  Subprocess only really does one way communication - it isn't
> good at conversations.  I'd suggest pexpect but it doesn't work on
> windows.
> You appear to be doing stuff with csound.  There are several python
> modules out there which interface with csound - did you investigate
> those?
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> Nick Craig-Wood <n... at> --

The book (as kramer would say)

I would think that the purpose for stdin is input and stdout is
output..  otherwise why have stdin??  The pyexpect does look like what
I am after  but it isn't windows..  And did I mention I am willing to
cheat I have a large number of unix tools that are converted over (but
not cigwin) and will even be willing to generate a script file if I
can get it to vim when it starts up...  whatever it takes regardless
of how ugly looking it is.

I did notice expect

I am not sure what to do to call the tcl stuff from python though.

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