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Fri Jul 13 14:49:11 CEST 2007

On Jul 13, 7:39 am, justme <llanstef... at> wrote:
> Hello
> I've been happily scripting away for the last few years (Matlab, now
> Python) and all has been fine. Now I find myself scripting up code for
> clients, but they all want a nice GUI. I've had a tinker with wxPython
> and it all seems standard enough but I was wondering if anyone has any
> comments about how easy it is to shoehorn some fairly complex scripts
> into a GUI so that non-scripters can use the code. I assume I'll need
> to recode up all the input outputs?
> Any thoughts, or should I have started GUI programming right at the
> outset!
> Cheers

Yup! To get the inputs, you'll have to redo them in wxPython. But it's
not a big deal. If you're outputs are print statements than you can
just redirect stdout to a textctrl in wxPython and you won't need to
do too much there. Most of the backend complex stuff won't need any
changing or very little as long as it was written in a refactored /
stand-alone fashion.


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